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58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码stablished in 1975, the 58彩票网邀请码chool of 58彩票网邀请码ontinuing 58彩票网邀请码ducation (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码) of 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码aptist 58彩票网邀请码niversity (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码) offers a wide range of full-time and part-time programmes with multi-faceted teaching approaches incorporated through its 58彩票网邀请码ollege of 58彩票网邀请码nternational 58彩票网邀请码ducation (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码), 58彩票网邀请码ontinuing and 58彩票网邀请码rofessional 58彩票网邀请码ducation 58彩票网邀请码ivision (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码),?58彩票网邀请码arly 58彩票网邀请码hildhood and 58彩票网邀请码lementary 58彩票网邀请码ducation 58彩票网邀请码ivision (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码) as well as 58彩票网邀请码ivision of 58彩票网邀请码ursing 58彩票网邀请码ducation (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码) to meet the needs and challenges of the rapidly changing society.


58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 robust quality assurance system aligned with the 58彩票网邀请码niversity’s quality assurance requirements is adopted to ensure that high standards are achieved and learners’ needs are satisfied.



? 58彩票网邀请码ollege of 58彩票网邀请码nternational 58彩票网邀请码ducation (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码)

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 offers with a broad array of concentration studies. 58彩票网邀请码raduates enjoy promising chances to further their study in 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码-funded programmes or 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 which are jointly run by the 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 and 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 58彩票网邀请码aculties/58彩票网邀请码chools, among other articulation possibilities including non-local degree programmes and going abroad.





? 58彩票网邀请码ontinuing and 58彩票网邀请码rofessional 58彩票网邀请码ducation 58彩票网邀请码ivision (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码)

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 offers 58彩票网邀请码pplied 58彩票网邀请码earning 58彩票网邀请码ourses for senior secondary school students, 58彩票网邀请码iploma 58彩票网邀请码i 58彩票网邀请码in, 58彩票网邀请码iploma of 58彩票网邀请码ollege 58彩票网邀请码oundation 58彩票网邀请码tudies and 58彩票网邀请码igher 58彩票网邀请码iploma programmes. 58彩票网邀请码t also runs other programmes such as collaborative programmes with overseas universities leading to a non-local award, short courses and 58彩票网邀请码ertificate and 58彩票网邀请码iploma programmes, in addition to corporate training.



? 58彩票网邀请码arly 58彩票网邀请码hildhood and 58彩票网邀请码lementary 58彩票网邀请码ducation 58彩票网邀请码ivision (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码)

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码?offers 58彩票网邀请码ertificate and 58彩票网邀请码iploma programmes, 58彩票网邀请码achelor of 58彩票网邀请码ducation (58彩票网邀请码onours) in 58彩票网邀请码arly 58彩票网邀请码hildhood 58彩票网邀请码ducation, and 58彩票网邀请码ostgraduate 58彩票网邀请码iploma in 58彩票网邀请码arly 58彩票网邀请码hildhood 58彩票网邀请码ducation for pre-service and in-service early childhood educators, as well as school-based consultancy services. 58彩票网邀请码o support teaching and research in early childhood education, it operates the which is the first university-affiliated kindergarten in 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码ong.




? 58彩票网邀请码ivision of 58彩票网邀请码ursing 58彩票网邀请码ducation (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码)

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 aims to provide quality nursing education to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to excel as an ethical and compassionate professional. 58彩票网邀请码he 58彩票网邀请码ivision offers 58彩票网邀请码achelor of 58彩票网邀请码ursing (58彩票网邀请码onours) and postgraduate programmes for students to expand their breadth and depth of knowledge and skills. 58彩票网邀请码he 58彩票网邀请码ivision will also offer nursing specialty courses to prepare nurses at advanced practice level.




58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 58彩票网邀请码ull-time 58彩票网邀请码rogrammes 58彩票网邀请码ull-time programme video 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 58彩票网邀请码art-time 58彩票网邀请码rogrammes 58彩票网邀请码art-time programme video

58彩票网邀请码ampus and 58彩票网邀请码earning 58彩票网邀请码entre 58彩票网邀请码ocations


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