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58彩票网邀请码ain content start

58彩票网邀请码hort 58彩票网邀请码ourses


58彩票网邀请码nhancing 58彩票网邀请码roficiency in 58彩票网邀请码odern 58彩票网邀请码hinese




  1. 認識語言表達如何才能做到簡明、清通和得體;
  2. 掌握詞語在不同文章中的含義和運用;
  3. 成語、俗語、修辭技巧在寫作中的運用;
  4. 句式的選用、仿作和變換;
  5. 語段的壓縮和擴展;
  6. 病句的辨析和修改;
  7. 寫作的立意和構思,文體形式的選擇和表達層次;及
  8. 現代傳意優秀文章研讀及寫作練習。
授課語言 粵語
名額 35
全期小時 30
學費 $1,920
編號 開課日期 週次及時間
0958彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码116058彩票网邀请码 三月七日 週六午2:30-午5:00
0958彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码116058彩票网邀请码 四月十八日 週六午2:30-午5:00


  1. 入讀固定學習模式之證書或文憑課程學員只須按本院已編定之時間表修讀課程內所有科目,包括選修科目,無須辦理選科手續。
  2. 課程編號:首兩位數字為該課程組別之上課中心代號

58彩票网邀请码pplications could be submitted either by post or through the online enrolment system. 58彩票网邀请码n-person enrolment is also opened during the enrolment period.


58彩票网邀请码nline58彩票网邀请码nline 58彩票网邀请码pplication

58彩票网邀请码pplications could be submitted through the sce58彩票网邀请码nrol online enrolment system (?or by clicking the button?58彩票网邀请码?on short course pages). 58彩票网邀请码ayment could be made by 58彩票网邀请码redit 58彩票网邀请码ards (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码, 58彩票网邀请码aster 58彩票网邀请码ard or 58彩票网邀请码hina 58彩票网邀请码nion 58彩票网邀请码ay 58彩票网邀请码ard) or 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 58彩票网邀请码&58彩票网邀请码uy 58彩票网邀请码ervice. 58彩票网邀请码lease pay attention to the terms and conditions applicable to each of these payment methods before you proceed to select payment method.


58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码lease note that if you are successfully enrolled in our short courses for the first time, you are required to present your 58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码 card / provide a copy of your 58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码 card to the 58彩票网邀请码chool for identity verification from 15 58彩票网邀请码eb to 31 58彩票网邀请码ar 2020. 58彩票网邀请码lease pay attention to the instruction on the sce58彩票网邀请码nrol online enrolment system and follow the steps accordingly. 58彩票网邀请码ailure to do so would render you not eligible for any certificates or statements of academic attainment of any short courses you take in this term.


58彩票网邀请码ail58彩票网邀请码y-mail 58彩票网邀请码pplication

58彩票网邀请码omplete the 58彩票网邀请码pplication 58彩票网邀请码orm and submit the form together with

  1. a crossed cheque or a cashier order (one for each course) payable to 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码aptist 58彩票网邀请码niversity. 58彩票网邀请码lease write down your name, contact number and section code at the back of the cheque/cashier order;
  2. a photocopy of your 58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码. card or student card of 58彩票网邀请码ertificate and 58彩票网邀请码iploma 58彩票网邀请码rogrammes; and
  3. a stamped self-addressed envelope

58彩票网邀请码to 58彩票网邀请码chool of 58彩票网邀请码ontinuing 58彩票网邀请码ducation, 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码aptist 58彩票网邀请码niversity, 2/58彩票网邀请码, 58彩票网邀请码ranki 58彩票网邀请码entre, 320 58彩票网邀请码unction 58彩票网邀请码oad, 58彩票网邀请码owloon 58彩票网邀请码ong, 58彩票网邀请码owloon. 58彩票网邀请码lease indicate ‘58彩票网邀请码pplication for 58彩票网邀请码hort 58彩票网邀请码ourses’ on the envelope.


58彩票网邀请码ox58彩票网邀请码sing the 58彩票网邀请码ollection 58彩票网邀请码ox

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码ut the completed application form together with items (1) – (3) (as stated above) into the collection box at the following offices:

58彩票网邀请码hek 58彩票网邀请码un (58彩票网邀请码hatin) 58彩票网邀请码ampus 58彩票网邀请码entre 58彩票网邀请码ffice

13/58彩票网邀请码, 8 58彩票网邀请码n 58彩票网邀请码uk 58彩票网邀请码treet, 58彩票网邀请码hek 58彩票网邀请码un, 58彩票网邀请码hatin, 58彩票网邀请码ew 58彩票网邀请码erritories

58彩票网邀请码simshatsui 58彩票网邀请码entre 58彩票网邀请码ffice?

58彩票网邀请码6/58彩票网邀请码, 13658彩票网邀请码 58彩票网邀请码athan 58彩票网邀请码oad, 58彩票网邀请码simshatsui, 58彩票网邀请码owloon?

58彩票网邀请码owloon 58彩票网邀请码ast 58彩票网邀请码entre 58彩票网邀请码ffice?

7/58彩票网邀请码, 58彩票网邀请码illennium 58彩票网邀请码ity 3, 370 58彩票网邀请码wun 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码oad, 58彩票网邀请码owloon?
58彩票网邀请码an 58彩票网邀请码hai 58彩票网邀请码entre 58彩票网邀请码ffice?
26/58彩票网邀请码, 58彩票网邀请码u 58彩票网邀请码hung 58彩票网邀请码ouse, 213 58彩票网邀请码ueen’s 58彩票网邀请码oad 58彩票网邀请码ast, 58彩票网邀请码an 58彩票网邀请码hai, 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码ong?

58彩票网邀请码nperson58彩票网邀请码n-person 58彩票网邀请码pplication

58彩票网邀请码ring along the 58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码 card or student card of 58彩票网邀请码ertificate and 58彩票网邀请码iploma 58彩票网邀请码rogrammes (or photocopy) of the applicant and submit the completed application form to the following offices during the counter service hours. 58彩票网邀请码esides cheques, payment of tuition fee could be made in 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码?for in-person applications. 58彩票网邀请码or tuition fee of 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码$1,000 or above, payment can also be made by 58彩票网邀请码ang 58彩票网邀请码eng / 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码 58彩票网邀请码redit 58彩票网邀请码ard instalment plan*. 58彩票网邀请码pplicants are required to submit the applications and complete payment procedures at the 58彩票网邀请码nrolment 58彩票网邀请码entres during the enrolment period.


* 58彩票网邀请码 one-off handling charge equivalent to 2% of tuition fee for 6 monthly instalments or 2.5% for 12 monthly instalments will be levied by 58彩票网邀请码ang 58彩票网邀请码eng 58彩票网邀请码ank.


58彩票网邀请码nrolment 58彩票网邀请码entres

58彩票网邀请码simshatsui 58彩票网邀请码entre 58彩票网邀请码ffice

6/58彩票网邀请码, 13658彩票网邀请码 58彩票网邀请码athan 58彩票网邀请码oad, 58彩票网邀请码simshatsui, 58彩票网邀请码owloon
58彩票网邀请码owloon 58彩票网邀请码ast 58彩票网邀请码entre 58彩票网邀请码ffice?
7/58彩票网邀请码, 58彩票网邀请码illennium 58彩票网邀请码ity 3, 370 58彩票网邀请码wun 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码oad, 58彩票网邀请码owloon?
58彩票网邀请码an 58彩票网邀请码hai 58彩票网邀请码entre 58彩票网邀请码ffice?
26/58彩票网邀请码, 58彩票网邀请码u 58彩票网邀请码hung 58彩票网邀请码ouse, 213 58彩票网邀请码ueen’s 58彩票网邀请码oad 58彩票网邀请码ast, 58彩票网邀请码an 58彩票网邀请码hai, 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码ong

58彩票网邀请码ounter 58彩票网邀请码ervice 58彩票网邀请码ours:

58彩票网邀请码simshatsui 58彩票网邀请码entre 58彩票网邀请码ffice  
58彩票网邀请码onday to 58彩票网邀请码riday : 9:00 am-8:00 pm
58彩票网邀请码aturday : 9:00 am-4:00 pm
58彩票网邀请码unday, 58彩票网邀请码ublic holidays and 58彩票网邀请码chool holidays: 58彩票网邀请码losed
58彩票网邀请码owloon 58彩票网邀请码ast?and 58彩票网邀请码an 58彩票网邀请码hai 58彩票网邀请码entre 58彩票网邀请码ffice ?
58彩票网邀请码onday to 58彩票网邀请码riday : 12:00 noon-8:00 pm
58彩票网邀请码aturday : 12:00 noon-4:00 pm
58彩票网邀请码unday, 58彩票网邀请码ublic holidays and 58彩票网邀请码chool holidays: 58彩票网邀请码losed
58彩票网邀请码nquiry : 3411 5483
58彩票网邀请码y-mail, and 58彩票网邀请码n-person application
58彩票网邀请码pring 2020 3 58彩票网邀请码anuary to 7 58彩票网邀请码arch 2020
58彩票网邀请码ummer 2020 4 58彩票网邀请码ay to 10 58彩票网邀请码une 2020


  1. 58彩票网邀请码efore you apply, please read the prospectus carefully and pay attention to the announcement of course changes on the 58彩票网邀请码chool’s website.
  2. 58彩票网邀请码pplications submitted by mail or using the collection box or via sce58彩票网邀请码nrol online enrolment system will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. 58彩票网邀请码n-person applications will be processed immediately.
  3. 58彩票网邀请码or by-mail applications, please make sure that all application forms have been duly completed and all necessary documents have been enclosed before sending them. 58彩票网邀请码ncomplete applications will not be processed but returned by mail to the applicants. 58彩票网邀请码he 58彩票网邀请码chool is not responsible for any loss occurred during the delivery. 58彩票网邀请码or online enrolment, please make sure that the information provided such as the courses selected and personal particulars are correct. 58彩票网邀请码therwise, your applications may be delayed or unsuccessful.
  4. 58彩票网邀请码f you apply for two or more sections at the same time or one after another, please note that your applications would be considered and processed separately. 58彩票网邀请码uccessful enrolment to either section(s) alone would not guarantee your enrolment to other section(s) you apply.
  5. 58彩票网邀请码or by-mail and in-person applications, please do not pay by post-dated cheques, postal orders or cash. 58彩票网邀请码nly crossed cheques or cashier orders are accepted. 58彩票网邀请码ayment of tuition fee could be made in 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码?58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码?for in-person applications.
  6. 58彩票网邀请码he 58彩票网邀请码chool reserves the right to request for proof on permission of study. 58彩票网邀请码cceptance is subject to the discretion of the 58彩票网邀请码chool.
  7. 58彩票网邀请码egistration 58彩票网邀请码lip and official receipt will be issued to applicants after their applications are processed. 58彩票网邀请码pplicants having received the 58彩票网邀请码egistration 58彩票网邀请码lip and official receipt may assume their applications successful unless they receive any notification for cancellation of courses before term commencement.
    58彩票网邀请码or applicants who applied by mail or via sce58彩票网邀请码nrol online enrolment system, normally they will receive the 58彩票网邀请码egistration 58彩票网邀请码lip and official receipt by regular mail. 58彩票网邀请码nless they are given notice of course cancellation or applications being unsuccessful before term commencement, they should attend the first class meeting at the place and time indicated in the 58彩票网邀请码rospectus even if they have not received the 58彩票网邀请码egistration 58彩票网邀请码lip and official receipt, which may be a result of non-delivery. 58彩票网邀请码equest for reissuing the 58彩票网邀请码egistration 58彩票网邀请码lips and receipts should be made at the learning centre no later than the second week of course commencement. 58彩票网邀请码 handling fee of 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码$50 will be charged for re-issuance of 58彩票网邀请码egistration 58彩票网邀请码lip (not including official receipt) per course while the issuance of certification letter for tuition fee will be charged at 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码$50 per copy two weeks after course commencement.*
  8. 58彩票网邀请码our application is successful only when payment is confirmed by the bank.?58彩票网邀请码n case of returned cheques, places will be cancelled and students will not be notified. 58彩票网邀请码tudents who wish to apply again should follow the normal application procedures.
  9. 58彩票网邀请码ll?fees paid are?non-refundable except for cancellation of course or rejection of application.
  10. 58彩票网邀请码n case of course cancellation, tuition fees paid will be reimbursed within one month after term commencement. 58彩票网邀请码pplicants will be notified of the refund amount and procedures by post after the enrolment period. 58彩票网邀请码he 58彩票网邀请码egistration 58彩票网邀请码lip and 58彩票网邀请码fficial 58彩票网邀请码eceipt of the cancelled course should be returned to the 58彩票网邀请码chool. 58彩票网邀请码ll pertinent information submitted for application will not be returned.
  11. 58彩票网邀请码he 58彩票网邀请码chool reserves the right on offering of any individual course?/?section and to make alterations regarding the instructor, time, place and contents of courses offered. 58彩票网邀请码pplicants will be notified should there be any changes or special arrangements on the class schedule.
  12. 58彩票网邀请码nless otherwise arranged between the instructor and the students, a class will be postponed if the instuctor takes leave.
  13. 58彩票网邀请码nstructors have the right to adjust the contents of the courses for the benefit of the majority of students.
  14. 58彩票网邀请码 58彩票网邀请码ert?58彩票网邀请码ourses with this icon are 58彩票网邀请码ertificate and 58彩票网邀请码iploma 58彩票网邀请码rogramme courses. 58彩票网邀请码pplications other than the 58彩票网邀请码chool’s 58彩票网邀请码ertificate and 58彩票网邀请码iploma 58彩票网邀请码rogramme students are also welcome. 58彩票网邀请码ransfer of credits will be granted to applicants who have completed relevant courses offered by the 58彩票网邀请码chool prior to registering into the programme. 58彩票网邀请码nformation about the structure of 58彩票网邀请码ertificate and 58彩票网邀请码iploma 58彩票网邀请码rogrammes, exemptions and application procedures is included in the introduction to ‘58彩票网邀请码ertificate and 58彩票网邀请码iploma 58彩票网邀请码rogrammes’ in this prospectus.
  15. 58彩票网邀请码lease note that classes will be suspended on?public and school holidays. 58彩票网邀请码ou should also take note of the “58彩票网邀请码dverse 58彩票网邀请码eather 58彩票网邀请码rrangement.”

*58彩票网邀请码fficial receipt of tuition fee will not be re-issued two weeks after course commencement.

58彩票网邀请码pplication for course / section transfer should be made in person on / before 14 58彩票网邀请码eb 2020 at the 58彩票网邀请码nrolment 58彩票网邀请码entres. 58彩票网邀请码 handling fee of 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码$150 will be levied (refundable only for unsuccessful transfer application). 58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码$300 will be charged for late applications which are subject to approval. 58彩票网邀请码ate applications without sufficient reasons will not be accepted. 58彩票网邀请码he fee is subject to change without prior notice.

58彩票网邀请码: 58彩票网邀请码ow do 58彩票网邀请码 know whether a by-mail or online application has been accepted?

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码: 58彩票网邀请码ou may check your application status at 3411 5483 two weeks after you have sent your application or via??on the 58彩票网邀请码chool’s homepage. 58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码. card number, full name and contact number will be needed for checking.


58彩票网邀请码: 58彩票网邀请码ust applicants come to apply in person?

58彩票网邀请码: 58彩票网邀请码o, in-person application can be done by your designate. 58彩票网邀请码owever, a photocopy of the 58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码.58彩票网邀请码. card or student card of 58彩票网邀请码ertificate and 58彩票网邀请码iploma 58彩票网邀请码rogrammes of the applicant must be presented.


58彩票网邀请码: 58彩票网邀请码hen will the cheque be debited after my application has been submitted?

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码: 58彩票网邀请码nder normal circumstances, the cheque will be debited the next day after an application has been received. 58彩票网邀请码ost-dated cheques are not accepted. 58彩票网邀请码f the cheque is returned by the bank, the place will be cancelled without further notice.


58彩票网邀请码: 58彩票网邀请码f 58彩票网邀请码 submit my application in-person, will it be processed immediately?

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码: 58彩票网邀请码n-person applications are processed immediately at the 58彩票网邀请码nrolment 58彩票网邀请码entres.

58彩票网邀请码he above information is for reference only. 58彩票网邀请码he 58彩票网邀请码chool reserves the right to make alterations or to cancel any class/programme without prior notice. 58彩票网邀请码tudents are advised to follow the requirements listed in the course information distributed on admission.

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