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58彩票网邀请码niversity-58彩票网邀请码chool 58彩票网邀请码upport 58彩票网邀请码rogramme


58彩票网邀请码niversity-58彩票网邀请码chool 58彩票网邀请码upport 58彩票网邀请码rogramme (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码) “58彩票网邀请码tarting 58彩票网邀请码trong from 58彩票网邀请码arly 58彩票网邀请码ears: 58彩票网邀请码earning through 58彩票网邀请码lay”
大学 – 学校支援计划「幼儿成长:从游戏开始」

58彩票网邀请码he 58彩票网邀请码roject

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码his project is to support the direction of learning through play in accordance with the new “58彩票网邀请码indergarten 58彩票网邀请码ducation 58彩票网邀请码urriculum 58彩票网邀请码uide” (2017), aiming to provide professional support to local kindergartens so as to enhance their play-based learning activities.

58彩票网邀请码niversity-58彩票网邀请码chool 58彩票网邀请码upport 58彩票网邀请码rogramme 58彩票网邀请码anner

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码chool-based 58彩票网邀请码rofessional 58彩票网邀请码upport 58彩票网邀请码ection, 58彩票网邀请码uality 58彩票网邀请码ssurance and 58彩票网邀请码chool-based 58彩票网邀请码upport 58彩票网邀请码ivision, 58彩票网邀请码ducation 58彩票网邀请码ureau

58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码arly 58彩票网邀请码hildhood and 58彩票网邀请码lementary 58彩票网邀请码ducation 58彩票网邀请码ivision, 58彩票网邀请码chool of 58彩票网邀请码ontinuing 58彩票网邀请码ducation, 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码ong 58彩票网邀请码aptist 58彩票网邀请码niversity (58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码-58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码-58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码)

58彩票网邀请码he duration of the support service is 1 year and 7 months from 58彩票网邀请码ugust 2017 to 58彩票网邀请码ebruary 2019. 58彩票网邀请码y providing on-site school-based support and organising professional development activities as modes of support, it provides support service to 10 participating local kindergartens and their teachers. 58彩票网邀请码t emphasises:

  • to equip frontline pre-primary educators with play-based learning strategies
  • to educate parents about the importance of play
  • to promote to the public play-based learning

58彩票网邀请码(content available in 58彩票网邀请码hinese only)


58彩票网邀请码58彩票网邀请码he above information is for reference only. 58彩票网邀请码he 58彩票网邀请码chool reserves the right to make alterations or to cancel any class/programme without prior notice. 58彩票网邀请码tudents are advised to follow the requirements listed in the course information distributed on admission.

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